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South Africa's leading embroidery digitizing service

comprehensive embroidery digitizing service.

We offer a fully comprehensive embroidery digitizing service.

manually digitized designs

Each and every design is manually digitized (no auto digitizing done here!!).

vector art conversion

We work with Vector files or high resolution .png and .jpeg file formats.

Quality embroidery Software

We output designs to most machine formats using our state of the art Pulse (by Tajima) software, as well as Artista (by Wilcom) software.

embroidery digitizers

We provide this service to other embroidery companies and individuals who do not have the software or resources or time to do it in house.

Proffesional embroiderers

Manually operated embroidery machines, therefore we know precisely how to correctly digitize a design based on factors such as fabric, texture, thread, size, placement etc, to ensure the neatest results possible.

Our Embroidery Services South Africa

A decade of experience in the embroidery industry :

We offer a comprehensive embroidery service to embroidery manufacturers, both locally and abroad. Each design is meticulously re-created, paying careful attention to detail and keeping production output efficiencies in mind. Using the best software and several stitch techniques, we offer designs in a variety of machine formats. You merely need to complete the Order form and we will do the rest.

Artwork is accepted in all formats, even hand-drawn, as long as the image quality is excellent and the details are clear, we should easily be able to convert your image to digital format for embroidery machines to read. However, the quality you provide us with, determines the end result and we therefore always suggest a VECTOR image. Alternatively, a high resolution .PNG or .JPEG file.

To ensure quality of the highest standard, we sew out each design until we are convinced of a smooth running program, minimising trims, thread breaks and unnecessary colour change etc. After careful examination, the file is sent to you. We know that the embroideryindustry can be quite demanding sometimes, therefore we provide a 2 day turnaround of all embroidery designs.

The creative and technical skills of our artists and digitizers ensure that you get the best possible results. Our digitizers consider a lot of factors during the embroidery digitization process and apply proper techniques, and artwork preparation as there can be a number of limitations with embroidery. A lovely logo may not always reproduce well in embroidery and may need some modifications or simplification, due to tiny details, small lettering, multiple layers etc.

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Outsourcing Embroidery & Digitizing

Cheap custom embroidery

Cost-cutting is a major reason of outsourcing for embroidery by avoiding large expenditures in the early stages of your embroidery business (IE. Software, staff, training).

Corporate branding

We provide a extensive variety of proudly south african uniforms, Corporate wear tailored to your branding.

Time management

Embroidery companies and shops are small, or even home based, with limited resources. The business owner manages multiple tasks and therefore has limited time and attention, by outsourcing embroidery work you can focus mainly on the sales, marketing and customer service

No minimum workload.

You will pay only for the embroidery designs or projects you are getting done, and not for idle time inbetween jobs.

Business Benifits

Most small embroidery businesses can't afford to match the facilities that larger companies maintain. Outsourcing can help small companies access same efficiency, and expertise which top rated embroidery digitizers enjoy.

online embroidery

A common trend has developed to outsource embroidery work abroad, due to Internet availability and the ease of transferring files via email.




Embroidery software


Digitizing software


Embroidery machine
Custom Embroidery Digitizing


Embroidery Design software


Embroidery software

Affordable Embroidery

The cost of embroidery digitizing depends on the complexity of time spent on the design but sometimes this method is as unfair on the customer as it is on the digitizer, as it could take a few minutes to digitize a circle of 8000 stitches but an hour to embroider wording with far less stitches, and so we assess each design individually, just to be ensure that our pricing is correct, which entails:-

  • Per 1000 stitches :
    4.20 USD | 3.15 EUR | 2.75 GBP | 57.70 ZAR
  • Minimum charge per design:
    12.59 USD | 11.86 EUR | 10 GBP | 172.96 ZAR
  • Discounts and flat rates for regular clients
  • Free file format conversion
  • No surcharge for rush order
  • Order Form is user friendly
  • Secure payment through PayPal.com or direct Electronic Funds Transfer from your Bank
  • Editing, minor changes, and resizing of designs or repositioning of words, will be provided free of charge if requested within 10 days after delivery, with the exception that should the difference between the sizes be too vast, the design may have to be re-created. A new price will be quoted for this service, taking the previous order into account.
  • Standard design sizes are:

Embroidery sizing chart

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